1. NYC District ARES Emergency Coordinator

Donni Katzovicz (W2BRU)

Donni holds a General ticket and is a member of the ARRL and Kings County ARES.  He is a Support Engineer at JW Player, the world’s largest network-independent video platform Outside of work, you can find him enjoying the outdoors or preparing for his upcoming wedding to his beautiful fiancée, Hannah. Donni hopes to utilize his technical and media experience to modernize the District and increase public understanding of and access to amateur radio.


  1. NYC Asst District ARES Emergency Coordinator

Martin Grillo (W1EMR)

Martin is a member of the ARRL and Queens County ARES.  He has a General ticket with Radar Endorsement PG-GB-063396 FCC.  He was cited as EMS Communications Specialist of the Year  in 2011 by the Regional EMS Council of NYC, and is also a member of the American Red Cross Disaster Services.


  1. Manhattan/Bronx Emergency Coordinator

Lloyd Westerman, (K2JVX)

Lloyd enjoys dx’ing and local rag chew on 80 to 17 meters as well as 2 meters and 70cm.  He has garnered the following awards: WAS, Continents of the World, US counties and Grid2.  In addition to being a member of Manhattan ARES, he is also a member of ARRL, KCARC, OMARC, OMISS and ECARS.  His interest in ARES  springs from the dramatic loss of communications after  911 and Sandy.   He hopes to foster self-sufficiency in portable ops and interoperability with other first responding agencies including the Red Cross


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Bob Jordan


ARES Section Emergency Coordinator – NYC/Long Island (NLI)


Tel: (917) 484-1154



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