This is the November 2013 edition of the New York City-Long Island
Section e-Happenings newsletter.

This newsletter is here to serve the Amateur Radio community in our
area. We welcome and encourage all submissions. Help make this your
newsletter. We especially encourage NLI radio clubs and organizations
to submit their meeting announcements, guest speakers and any special
events. Please submit any information for the December issue prior to
the end of the first week in December.

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* >From Jim Mezey,W2KFV  – Section Manager

* Upcoming Special Events:

* >From Russ Logar, KC2LSB, Section Emergency Coordinator

* >From Jim Kettyle, KC2LEB, Section Traffic Manager

* Club Info



I enjoyed meeting many new hams and old friends at both the HOSARC and LIMARC Hamfests this past month. I also attended the Hudson Division Awards Luncheon in Newburg hosted by the Orange County Amateur Radio Club who did an outstanding job. Congratulations once again to all winners.

Amateur of the Year 2013 Kevin Morgan, AB2ZI

Amateur of the Year 2012 Rich Cetron K2KNB

Grand ‘Ol Ham 2013 Tony Pazzola W2BEJ

Grand ‘Ol Ham 2012 Sid Wolin K2LJH

Technical Achievement Award 2013 David Galletly, KM2O

Special Service Award 2012 Len Signoretti, N2LEN

Next year I am told the luncheon will be in the NYC/LI Section. It would be great if we could get all the clubs in the Section involved in some way. More to follow.

On the down side we lost one of our award winners one week after the luncheon, Grand ‘Ol Ham 2012 Sid Wolin K2LJH, who had been sick for awhile. Sid was an icon and a pillar of the amateur radio community on Long Island and will be truly missed. I am happy to have called him a good friend. Rest In Peace my friend….73

Philippine Amateur Radio Volunteers Continue to Fill Communication Gap

additional at



The first weekend of December is almost upon us and it will be time for
Skywarn Recognition Day.  The event starts at 7:00PM Friday, December 6th
and ends at 7:00PM on Saturday, December 7th. For those new to Skywarn
and/or Amateur (Ham) Radio, I should start by explaining what Skywarn
Recognition Day is all about.

Every year, the National Weather Service recognizes the contribution that
their volunteer spotters make in assisting them in fulfilling their
mission to protect life and property.  Like the other Weather Service
offices around the country, the office in Upton (Brookhaven National
Laboratory) make their facility available for spotters to set up and
operate amateur radio equipment in their facility during the twenty-four
hour event.

You do NOT have to be an amateur radio operator to participate, but if you
want to try using the radio- you will be more than encouraged to give it a

Help is needed during the day on Friday getting set up, and possibly on
Sunday for the breakdown.  If you are interesting in participating in any
capacity, please let me know the date(s) and hours you would be interested
in coming out.  Since the NWS Office is on the grounds of Brookhaven
National Laboratory, we have to preregister you with security at the front

The event is a lot of fun and you will have a chance to see the workings
of the NWS Office and get to know the staff.

There will be more information coming soon, but if you are interested-
please let me know.

Thanks- and safe spotting


Bruce Gronich
Nassau County Skywarn Coordinator



HRU is seeking volunteers to help with live video production/streaming.

If you are talented/experienced in one of the following areas, please
contact KB2BSL (

Graphic Artist

Lower Thirds, static slides, credits.

Audio Engineer

With wireless microphones (minimum 2 lapel, and 1 hand-held) and
equipment to supply a high quality, feedback free, audio feed to the
streaming system via a 1/8″ (3.5mm) stereo connector.

Streaming Specialist

Proficiency with WireCast Pro in a multi-camera environment and strong
Windows 7 Professional skills. Familiarity with HDMI video capture,
such as the Black Magic Intensity Pro.

General A/V

Familiarity with various audio and video equipment, willingness to help
with setup and breakdown.

The streaming team is forming starting today. Your participation is
much appreciated.



KB2BSL (HRU Committee)


The ARRL celebrates their 100th year with Centennial Celebration and Events see the following for a list and schedule. Check out the Centennial QSQ Party.

Congratulations to the Town of Huntington and EC Steve Whines, N2PQJ on the great article in this month’s ARRL E-Letter




That’s all for now, get on the air and enjoy our great hobby and by all means….Keep those batteries charged.


Jim Mezey, W2KFV
Section Manager – NYC/ Long Island
ARRL, the national association for Amateur Radio™
Emergency Communications Advisory Committee Representative
Hudson Division

H:  516-997-6023
C:  516-315-8608
F:   516-997-2164


Upcoming Special Events:



Ham Radio University 2014 – January 5, 2014at Briarcliff College in Bethpage. For more information, see:


ARRL Centennial Celebration and Convention in Hartford Ct. July17-20, 2014   For more information go to:






From SEC Russ Logar, KC2LSB:


ARRL Section:                 New York / Long Island

Month:                     October

Year:                     2013

Total  number of ARES members:         161

Change since last month:         11

Number of DECs/ECs  reporting this month: 2/7

Number of ARES nets active:         23

Number of ARES nets with NTS liaison:    4

Calls of DECs/ECs reporting:         N2TEE, N2RDB,N2PQJ, K2FTC, KC2NBE, N1JSP,KB2WUS,W2HCB

Number of drills, tests and training sessions this month:     23 Person hours:    188.75

Number of Public Service events this month:            7 Person hours   255

Number of emergency operations this month:            0    Person hours     0

Total number of ARES operations this month:             30 Total Person Hours  443.75


Town wide Simulated Emergency Test (SET) went very well.  We have implemented using Dropbox, to keep latest ARES/RACES documents accessible.


By the way we were honored on a plaque by the Town of Babylon for our work during the sandy storm

On October 6 Islip ARES provided communications for the Entenmann’s Great South Bay Run. The following operators were present.
W2PB Paul,  K3JMB Joe,  N2UIC Tom
KC2ZHT Shawn,  KD2DJS Doug,  KD2DOA Mike
NB2G Bob, KC2ADN Bob,  KB2SCS John

[Bronx – KB2WUS] KB2WUS EC Bronx county served as amateur radion operator at ING Marathon 2013.  Was stationed at Madison Bridge on 135th St. and 5th Ave. which straddles the Manhattan and Bronx borders.  Also in attendance were N2ZRZ, N2NSA, N2PQT, and AB2UP.

[Kings – KC2NBE] KC2NBE assisted Queens ARES and provided shuttle service as well as Public Service communications support for the Totten Trot. Preparations are underway for the Turkey Trot (November 28).

[New York – K2FTC] K2FTC participated in Queens County’s L’Chaim Run & Kings County’s Brooklyn Half-Marathon.

[Queens – N1JSP] N2UJG, KC2NBE, KD2BRB, KB2JRP, KC2LSB, KD2EPD and N1JSP all provided communication support for the 13th annual Totten Trot. This is a return event for Queens ARES which supported the Bayside Historical Society.

[Richmond – KB2PSI] No report submitted for this month.

[District – N2TEE] Operation Santa Claus is upcoming this December 11th.  The response from volunteers to date has been going well. For 2013, Josh K2FTC has taken the reigns and will be managing the event with the help of the district Emergency Coordinators.  Anyone interested in participating should contact their local EC.  Please visit for contact information.

I would like to congratulate Vinny KB2PSI  who as of October 23, 2013 has taken the reigns of Richmond County in the NYC District.  In addition, I would also like to congratulate Gary, KB2BSL who has assumed the role of an AEC in Richmond Count.  We look forward to big things from these gentlemen.

I would also like to congratulate the Babylon group for doing the work during Superstorm Sandy. that got them recognized by the town of Babylon.  Great job folks.  Can we get a picture of the plaque?

Lastly, if you can get the day off or are otherwise available on Dec. 11 do yourself a favor and sign up for the Operation Santa Clause event at JFK airport.  This is a fantastic event that ARES has been supporting for many years.  For Info See Joe’s comments above.

Russ Logar, KC2LSB
Amateur Radio Emergency Service
Section Emergency Coordinator
New York / Long Island Section


From Jim Kettyle, KC2LEB, Section Traffic Manager  
October  2013 NLI Section Traffic Report                                                                                            
                  Net                   AbbreviationSessions  QNI          QTC         QSP         QTR         Net Manager
Big Apple Traffic Net                            BATN                  7     48            4              4              129          KC2LEB
NYS Early                                               NYS/E               31154          54            51            212          K2TD
NYS Late                                NYS/L               31147          76            59            208          K2TD
NYS Morning                       NYS/M                0      0              0              0              0              WA2IAX
Empire Slow Speed            ESS                   31     402          0              79            0              WI2G
Nassau County Traffic Net   NCVHF        22            120          0              31            260          N2WGF
NY Public Operator's Net     NYPON       31            302          86            79            435          AA2Y
NLI STM Report Totals                            153          1173        220          303          1244        KC2LEB/STM
Call          1              2              3              4              5              6              Total
K2TV       40            40            30            0              10            10            130
N2WGF    40            40            20            25            0              0              125
WB2FTX  0              0              0              0              0              0              0
KD2CGN  28            10            10            0              0              0              48
Station Activity Report
Call          Originated ReceivedSent         DeliveredTotal                       
K2TV       1              62            59            16            138                         
N2WGF    0              28            7              15            50                           
WB2FTX  0              0              0              0              0                             
KD2CGN  2              4              3              1              10                           
Digital Report
Call          Received  Sent         Total                                                      
K2TV       44            16            60

NYS/M*/ 10am local time daily /*NYS/E*/ 7pm local time daily /*NYS/L*/
10pm local time daily –

As of now the frequency for all things NTS in NY is 3576. The alternate
freq. is usually  7042 kHz ± but 80 is starting to go long again, so if
you can get on top band, the alternate of 1807 kHz.

INDEPENDENT CW NETS which maintain close association with the NTS.

Empire Slow Speed Net (ESS) 6pm daily on 3576 kHz . Alt. 7044 ±

Hit and Bounce Net (HBN) 8:30am daily on 3576 kHz .

Hit and Bounce Slow Net (HBSN) Please note the frequency change for the
Hit & Bounce Slow Speed Traffic Net to 3574 KHz at 7:30 AM EST. Seven
days a week. Bob K2TV


New York Phone*/ (NYP). CEASES OPERATION 12/18/2011
New York Public Operations Net (NYPON) 5pm daily on 3925 kHz ± QRM,
alternate freq. 3913 kHz

The NTS local nets are:

Big Apple Traffic Net
Big Apple Traffic Net meets @ 8:00 PM on 440.550 +5 141.3 PL
Check for our schedule.

Jim, KC2LEB “ Net Manager

Nassau Co. VHF Net Nightly at 7:30pm. Pri: 146.805/R (136.5pl)Alt.1:
147.135/R (136.5pl) Alt.2: 443.525/R (114.8)
NCVHFTN Website: :

Suffolk Co. VHF Net

K2TV is now operational as a Digital Relay Station on HF winlink
representing the New York City/Long Island section.
I will be receiving NLI traffic via the W2SFD Pactor MBO. Hopefully
this will expedite traffic in and out of NLI.

We are still in the process of organizing the Suffolk County VHF
traffic net and will be running the W2EAG Traffic Handling Course on the
air once it starts. N2NFI/R on 145.370 (136.5 PL) and the W2GSB/R ON
223.860 (156.7 pl) will be used connected via IRLP.
Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 7:15 PM are the tentative beginning
times and frequencies.  Anyone interested please contact K2TV at


Meetings and Club Information:

Club events are being kept up to date on the Event Calendar.
These events, with contact information, can be found using the NLI
Events link at the top of the homepage. If you would like your club
event publicized and listed on the calendar, please send me an email
with the pertinent information. Be sure to include the date(s) and
contact information for the club/responsible party. Also be certain to
include a link to the information on your website. I will not cull the
information from your club newsletters as I will not assume that you
want the event publicized. You must email me with a specific request to
include the event on the Section calendar.

The Club listing is always being updated. Please submit your meeting
information to

NOTE:  Always check with the club to verify the date, time and
location of the events/meetings listed here.


The ARCECS meets monthly on the first Tuesday of every month at 7:30 PM.

American Red Cross on Long Island

195 Willis Avenue

Mineola, NY 11501

For more information go to their website:
Please contact Leonard Smith (PIO) at: for information.


BONAC Amateur Radio Club (BARC)

BARC meets the 4th Thursday of the month at 6:00 PM at the Amagansett
Library (except November, which is on the 3rd Thursday). For more
information please go to the club website at


Grumman ARC

Grumman ARC (GARC)
Meetings are held on the third Wednesday of each month at the Allen
Ellsworth Park in Farmingdale, starting at 5:30 PM. GARC VE sessions
are held on the second Tuesday of each month at Briarcliffe College in
Room: Long Beach #5, starting at 5:00 PM.
Ed Gellender at


Great South Bay ARC

GSBARC Monthly meetings are the last Thursday of the month, 8PM.
Babylon Town Hall EOC, 200 East Sunrise Hwy, North Lindenhurst. GSBARC
Monthly VE are the 4th Saturday starting 10:00 am. For more
information, Contact AB2ZI Kevin Morgan at
Please see the club website for directions



The NY Hall of Science ARC has general membership meetings on the
second Tuesday of each month, 7:30 PM, with the exception of July and August.
The meetings are a time to take care of club business, listen to a
great speaker regarding an interesting topic related to ham radio, and
to make new friends and catch up with old friends. The club has its
meetings at the NY Hall of Science in Flushing Meadow Park, Queens,

Please check the clubs website at for more detailed


Larkfield Amateur Radio Club

The Larkfield Amateur Radio Club meets on the second Thursday of the
month from September through June, inclusive. Any exceptions (for
holidays, etc.) are noted on the calendar on its web page at:

Meetings start at 7:30 PM at the Huntington Senior Citizens Center
cafeteria (423 Park Avenue) located at the southwest corner of the
intersection of Rte 25A and Park Avenue. Entrance is on Park Avenue.
Contact is:

Chuck Hartley, N2JIY, President of LARC


Long Island Amateur Radio Simplex Club

The LIARS Club meets on the first Tuesday of the month at Newfield High
School in Selden, NY at 7:30PM. All are welcome. Our web site is:  Contact: Tim MoDavis, KA2VZX at


Long Island DX Association (LIDXA)

Regular meetings are at 8pm on the third Tuesday of the month at The
Town of Oyster Bay-Ice Skating Center, 1001 Stewart Avenue, Bethpage
(Community Room 1). For club details, see our Web site, or contact Ed
Whitman, K2MFY, LIDXA Secretary at for further

LIDXA President, John, W2GW, and Mike Lisenco, N2YBB are ARRL DXCC
card checkers. Bring your new DXCC cards and paperwork to these
meetings for official verification and credit.


Long Island Mobile ARC

LIMARC meets the second Wednesday each month, 8PM at Levittown Hall,
201 Levittown Parkway, Hicksville, NY. All are welcome. Bring a
Webpage is: Club Contact: President, Rich Cetron,
Club PIO: Rich Levow, WA2NLL



Long Island Transmitter Hunters (LITHARC)

Seeking new participants A group of Long Island transmitter hunting
enthusiasts has been conducting hunts on Friday nights with an
occasional Sunday event  and we are seeking new participants to join in
the fun. Anyone interested in learning more about the activity of radio
direction finding and radio fox hunting is invited to come out as
a hunter or rider. A LITHARC discussion group (Long Island Transmitter
Hunters ARC) has been established on Yahoo Groups as a central
information and communications site.

You are welcome to sign up to keep informed about upcoming events. If
you would like our group to conduct a hunt in your area that would
include members of your radio club, please let us know. For more
information, contact Larry, WA2SUH at


Nassau ARC (NARC)

Meetings every Monday night at 8 PM in Eisenhower Park in East Meadow
at the Senior Citizens Center. The General meeting is the last
Monday of the month at 8 PM. All are welcome. Contact Jerry Vibert,
K2GV, President at


New York City Repeater Association (NYCRA)

Meets the second Thursday of the month (except for July and August)
Meetings are held at the South Beach Psych Center, 777 Seaview Ave.
Off  Father Cappodano Blvd., in Building 10. The meeting will start
promptly at 8 pm.

Staten Island ARES meets at the same location starting at 7pm.

Talk in frequency is 447.375 minus shift pl. 141.3
All are welcome, members and non-members.


Peconic ARC (PARC)

PARC’s regular meeting night is the first Friday of each month at
6:30 PM. Meetings are held at the Mattituck-Laurel Library, Main Road
in Mattituck. PARC also sponsors quarterly VE testing sessions, on the
fourth Friday of the months of January, April, July and October. Jay
Buscemi, NY2NY, is the clubs Awards Manager and is able to check
cards for the ARRL VUCC and WAS awards.

See the PARC website at for all our current club
activities and contact information.


Radio Central ARC

Radio Central Amateur Radio Club holds it regular meetings on the last
Wednesday of each month at 6:30 PM at the Middle Country Public Library
in Centereach. All are welcome. For directions and other club
information, please check out the club web page:


Staten Island Amateur Radio Association (SIARA)

We have our regularly scheduled meeting the third Friday of every
month. Time: 8 PM.  We also have a registered ARRL VEC test session at
every meeting.
Walk-ins are OK but please call and let us know you’re planning on

IMPORTANT, if you’re taking your first Amateur radio exam you will
need two forms of identification, at least one with a picture, $15 cash
(no checks or credit cards will be excepted). If you are upgrading your
license you will need your ORIGINAL license and a COPY of your license
(you also need two forms of ID, one with a picture and $15 cash).

The Address is:

Eger Nursing Home
140 Meisner Ave
Staten Island, NY

Anyone needing additional information can contact Mike Siegel W2RT at
917-412-1580 or


Suffolk County Radio Club (SCRC)

Monthly meeting is the third Tuesday of the month at 8 PM at the Grace
Lutheran Church in Mastic. Contact Chris DeSanto, N2ABG at Or go to their website,

The Suffolk County Radio Club holds weekly nets on the W2DQ repeater.All are welcome to check-in.  The repeater is located in Yaphank, NY on 145.210 MHz / negative ( – ) 600 kHz shift / PL 136.5

Discussion of DX contacts made during the week via radio, upcoming events and contests and other topics/discussion relating to DX.

Tuesday 8:00 PM *Due to scheduled SCRC General Meetings, the DX Net may not occur on the third Tuesday of the month.


SCRC Information & Rag chew Net

Round table discussions, Club news and information, technical topics and for sale items. Wednesday 8:00 PM


Town of Huntington ARES/RACES meetings

are held twice a year-in March and September.  For more information,



Wantagh Amateur Radio Club

Meetings are held on the second Friday of each month at 8:00PM at the
Wantagh Public Library, 3285 Park Ave, Wantagh, NY 11793. Entrance to
the meeting room is at the rear of the library, adjacent to the
parking-lot. For more information, see the club’s website at or contact Frank Porcaro, N2RSO, President, via
e-mail at:


Symbol Technologies Amateur Radio Club

The Symbol Technologies Amateur Radio Club is dedicated to serving the
amateur radio community and the general public on Long Island, New
York. The club operates under the vanity call sign of W2SBL. Meets
second Tuesday of each month at Motorola’s Holtsville campus, Exit 62
(I-495) An ARRL affiliated club with membership open to all Motorolans
and Associate membership open to all. Email:  for more details

Amateur Radio Emergency Service (ARES)

Section Emergency Coordinator Russ Logar, KC2LSB,
Assistant Section Emergency Coordinator  Charlie Alfano, WA2GUG,

New York City:
 Joseph Nieves, N2TEE,

Manhattan:      Emergency Coordinator. Josh Gaffin, K2FTC,
No meeting listed at this time

Bronx:             Emergency Coordinator Francisco Lopez, KB2WUS,
No meeting listed at this time.

Brooklyn:        Emergency Coordinator JoJo Gonzalez, KC2NBE,
2nd Monday of the month, 7:30pm in the Community Room of Board 6 at
250 Baltic Street (off of Court St) in Brooklyn.

Queens:           Emergency Coordinator Jeff Spiro, N1JSP,
3rd Sunday of month, 2pm, Elmhurst Hospital, Queens, Rm. A1-15

Staten Island:  Emergency Coordinator….. open

Meetings are held on the second Thursday of each month
at 7:00 PM at the South Beach Psychiatric Center, 777 Seaview Ave,
Building 10, Staten Island, NY 10305. Emergency preparedness and
communications are discussed. For more information e-mail:

or, category Richmond


Nassau County:

District Emergency Coordinator Tim Cregan, N2RDB

Assistant DEC Dave Akins, AK1NS,

Nassau County ARES meets monthly on the 4th Thursday at 7:30 pm.
Meetings are held at the American Red Cross 195 Willis Ave. Mineola , NY

There are no individual city or township meetings in Nassau County.

For more information about local ARES groups, contact Tim N2RDB or the
following Emergency Coordinators:
City of Glen Cove: Bob Batchelor ,W2OSR
Town of Oyster Bay: Bruce Gronich K2BRG
Town of North Hempstead: Dave Kass WA2LKJ
Town of Hempstead: Frank Porcaro N2RSO
City of Long Beach: George Geller WB2GTC

Suffolk County:

District Emergency Coordinator Bill Scheibel, N2NFI

Emergency Coordinators:

Babylon: John Melfi,W2HCB

Huntington: Steve Hines, N2PQJ, Town of Huntington ARES/RACES meetings are held twice a year-in March and September.  For more information, see:

Islip:   John Blowsky,  KB2SCS
VE session 3rd Thursday of the month at 8:00 pm.
American Legion Hall in East Islip

Smithtown:  open
No monthly meeting.

Brookhaven: Ted Debowy, AC2IR
2nd Monday of the month at 8:00 pm
Brookhaven Town Hall, Farmingville.

Riverhead: Don Rollock, W2EUL
No monthly meeting.

Southampton: Dennis O’Rourke, KB2ZWW ,
No monthly meeting.

Southold: Don Fisher, N2QHV
ARES announcements and business conducted during the Peconic ARC
1st Friday of the month at 6:30 pm.
Southold Free Library, Southold.

East Hampton: Nat Raynor, N2NEI
4th Thursday of the month at 6:00 pm during the BONAC ARC meeting
(except November which is on the 3rd Thursday). Amagansett

Shelter Island: Neal Raymond, N2QZA
No monthly meeting.

Other Stuff :

John Reiser, W2GW is the section DXCC card checker and is available for
field checking of QSL cards for your DXCC Award. John is available by
appointment at his home in West Hempstead for card checking, and at all
LIDXA meetings. If some lives far from him, John is willing to meet them
half way at a diner or someplace. Contact John at
Mike Lisenco, N2YBB, is now a DXCC card checker as well, appointed by
LIDXA. For those who live in or close to NYC and want to stay local,
Mike is available by appointment. Please contact Mike at

Approved DXCC card checkers can also check cards for WAS and VUCC
awards as well.

NLI DX Spotting Clusters
AA2MF Staten Island-NY,
K2LS Greensboro- NC.
K2LS is still a popular spot for many NLI DXers.


From the ARRL:

Finding ham radio classes a mouse click away! A new user-friendly
feature on the ARRL Web site-the ARRL Amateur Licensing Class Search
Page-lets prospective hams search for a licensing class in their area.
It also allows ARRL registered instructors to list their classes on the
Web. Visitors can search for classes by ZIP code, ARRL Section or

ARRL C-CE course advance registration opportunities via e-mail. A
service now allows those interested in taking an ARRL Certification and
Continuing Education (C-CE) course in the future to receive advanceword
of registration opportunities via e-mail. To take advantage, send an
e-mail to On the subject line, include the course
name or number (eg, 00#). In the message body, include your name,
callsign, e-mail address, and the month you want to start the course.

To learn more, visit the ARRL Certification and Continuing Education
Web page and the C-CE Links found there. For
more information, contact Emergency Communications Course Manager Dan
Miller, K3UFG, 860-594-0340.


ARES E-Letter, sign up now!

The ARES E-Letter is an e-mail digest of news and information of
interest to active members of the ARRL Amateur Radio Emergency Service
(ARES) and to hams concerned with public service and emergency
communications. ARRL members may subscribe to The ARES E-Letter by
going to the Member Data Page at:

Check the box for ARES E-Letter (monthly public service and
emergency communications news) and you’re all set. Past issues of
The ARES E-Letter are available at: Issues
are posted to this page after publication.



MetroCor is coordinating body for the New York metro area. MetroCor is
the established coordinating body for the New York Metro area,
inclusive of New York City, Long Island, Westchester County and the
majority  of Northern New Jersey. You must apply for coordination
through  MetroCor if you wish to establish a new system on Amateur Radio
Spectrum above 29.5 MHz. These and any other matters related to repeater
systems coordination are welcomed by MetroCor. They invite you to
visit their website at: You can also direct
questions to their e-mail at


Section VE Sessions

available on the web at:

NLI Webpage:

The Section Website contains LOTS of great information on section
happenings, VE session, Education, Clubs, section staff, and much

Please continue to help make this newsletter even more interesting and
informative by sending me news about YOUR club and events.


NLI Staff :

SEC NLI:  Russ Logar,  KC2LSB,
ASEC NLI : Charles Alfano, WA2GUG,

DEC New York City:  Joe Nieves, N2TEE,
DEC Nassau County: Tim Cregan, N2RDB,
DEC Suffolk County : Bill Scheibel, N2NFI,

Affiliated Club Coordinator : Richie Cetron, K2KNB,
Technical Coordinator:  Steve Barreres K2CX,
Public Information Coordinator :  Vacant
State Government Liaison:   George Tranos N2GA,
Section Traffic Manager :  Jim Kettyle, KC2LEB,
Official Observer Coordinator:  Steve Barreres K2CX,
Assistant Section Managers:
Webmaster:  Mitch Cohen N2RGA,
Digital Communications : Bob Meyers K2TV,

ARRL New York City-Long Island Section

Section Manager:   Jim Mezey W2KFV,


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